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Fix Convenience

Price Promo Module - PIM/Data Management Solution

The Project

Fix Convenience is a company that manages marketing activities for medium-to-large-sized organisations, including British Petroleum (BP). Ensuring information from ordering and deal negotiation, through to price, product offers and point-of-sale (POS) is key to reducing error and improving efficiency.

PIM Price Promo Module is a custom system that handles vast amounts of data and information flow for Fix Convenience’s client, BP.
The system enables:

  • Management of data
  • Administration of information
  • Supplier access to one source of truth
  • Marketing activity
  • Increased efficiency.
While also assisting in:
  • Reducing repetition
  • Decreasing human error
  • Simplifying process flow

The Brief

Fix Convenience chose Stimulus to build the PIM Price Promo Module – a custom system that handles vast amounts of data and information flow for their client, British Petroleum (BP). The module needed to be able to provide suppliers with access to a temporary portal to input large amounts of data and information including sale prices, allowing BP to plan their promotions, order quantities and marketing details 6-to-12 months ahead. The module needed to work across BP’s 2,500 garages and POS throughout the country, delivering customised and accurate pricing as well as product offer details.

The outcome

Stimulus designed and custom built the PIM Price Promo Module which handles products through point-of-sale (POS), from ordering and deal negotiation to collection, collation and sale. This new module removed repetitive tasks, human errors and bridged the gap between suppliers such as Coca Cola, Nestle and Mondelez. The custom module gave the team at BP more time to plan, decide and manage product ranges and promotions in a more streamlined and time-efficient way that eliminated double handling and repetition. This portal also assisted suppliers in inputting large amounts of data online by eliminating errors and multiple email communications. This meant that suppliers also had less work and both parties were able to eliminate multiple back-and-forth communications and remove higher risks of errors through one point of reference. The Pimcore Master Data Management (MDM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) are key aspects in this build.

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