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Price Promo Module - PIM/Data Management Solution

Fix Convenience Profile

Fix Convenience is a company that is the process management and organiser of marketing activities for medium and large-sized organisations to focus on their core businesses. The company approached Stimulus to help them build a system to handle vast amounts of data and information flow for one of their clients - British Petroleum (BP) to organise, promote the convenience and confectionery product ranges through POS in the petrol stations.

BP displays and sells confectionery products like chocolates, soft drinks, chips, energy drinks and convenience items like coffee, bread and milk goods in all the service stations throughout Australia. The management, administration of marketing activities of the products is a massive task as the products are ordered, decided, deals negotiated, collected and collated as well as double-checked for accuracy to be ready for the market through many steps and departments. This can lead to repetition of tasks and human errors since the information and any changes and corrections are.   

Project Summary

After meetings with the client Fix Convenience, Stimulus architecture, designed and custom built the PIM Price Promo Module. The platform is the gateway that the client, Fix Convenience helps BP in building the bridge with the suppliers like Coca Cola, Nestle, Mondelez and others to be able to log into a temporary portal to input a large amount of data and information about the specials to allow BP to decide the pricing for promotions, order quantities, promotional details and to be able to plan ahead for 6 months to 12 months.

The Promo Module then handles by collecting, collating and organising the data and information for the promotional activities up to 6-12 months ahead. Giving more time for BP to plan, decide and manage the product range and promotions more profitable and most importantly going through the process in a more streamlined, time-efficient, eliminating double handling and repetition of the source of information and data to ensure that they are accurate. 

The Pimcore Price Promo Module helps Fix organise with the client BP Petroleum all the promotional activities and POS for the latter’s 2,500 garages throughout the country. The data and information are collected and collated and distributed for double-checking and approved by BP Petroleum. And then, Fix Convenience will produce the POS on the product offers inside the BP garages throughout the country.

Customised and accurate pricing, product offers, and the different garages in the other regions are among the many advantages of the Price Promo Module. This PIM collects, collate and generates accurate and enriched data and information for the promotional requirements in the right context and all through one source through the Pimcore Master Data Management (MDM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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