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Welcome to Stimulus Solutions, where we offer a comprehensive suite of digital solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses today. Our solutions are tailored to help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence and maximise their digital potential.

Business requirements are always changing, especially in today’s challenging economic times. At Stimulus, we understand this, and we take the time to work with you on your individual business needs. Our team will work with you to transform your information and data flow into an efficient and profitable operation. We will organise your treasured data in the most cost-effective manner and in the right context for your business activities across marketing, administration, accounting and management. Let us help you transform your business to a high-performing digital presence. 

Solutions we offer

eCommerce solutions

We offer eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes with Pimcore. Embrace digital business with our advanced B2B and B2C features.

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Product and master data management (PIM/MDM)

Stimulus helps manage large data and content overflow for effective business promotion. We use Pimcore PIM/MDM portal for contextual user access.

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Systems Integration

Stimulus integrates multiple systems for easy access. Pimcore ensures accurate data flow for informed decision-making.

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Catalogue production and Web2Print

Stimulus offers one-stop design and production for collateral, catalogues, and W2P. Save time/resources and ensure accurate, non-repetitive data.

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Digital asset management

Overwhelmed by digital assets? We help convert and deploy images/files across marketing and digital collateral.

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Pimcore and Magento integration

Maximize your Magento solution with Pimcore integration for greater functionality and data management capabilities.

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Product Promotions Portal Solution

Automate tasks, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Are you looking for eCommerce solutions for your business? We work across small to large business to move you into the digital era. Using the premiere eCommerce solution, Pimcore, our eCommerce is ready to help you embrace the future of digital business.

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Product Information Management and Master Data Management Solutions (PIM/MDM)

Dealing with large amounts of data and content overflow? At Stimulus, we understand that data and content is key to good business and promoting your products and services. Our team will work with you to collect and collate your data in a meaningful and practical way. We use Pimcore PIM/MDM portal to result in data being translated into the right context for all users.

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Systems Integration Solutions

Looking to integrate your many systems into one? The team at Stimulus will help your business combine different systems such as ERP, CRM, CMS, POS into one single and cohesive platform for maximum accessibility and usability. Work with us to bring different groups of stakeholders on multiple platforms into one space where information can be accessed and adapted easily.

This is vitally important for the running of the systems within the business. Essential for both the B2B operations and the cohesiveness of the disparate systems that exists in al business. Pimcore can help to "free your organisation"  by helping to integrate these disparate system so that consistent, accurate information and data flow to ensure you can have the most up-to-date data and information to make good decisions instead of flying blind!


Catalogue Production and Web2Print

Looking for one source for all your design and production needs? The team at Stimulus can work with you from design to production of your collateral, catalogues and W2P capability. Let us help you by saving you time and resources as well as ensuring your data is correct, up to date and non-repetitive.

Digital Asset Management Solution (DAM)

Overwhelmed by your digital assets and need a hand? We can ensure your images, files and all other digital assets are easily converted and deployed across your marketing and digital collateral.

Pimcore and Magento Integration Solution

Are you looking to get the most of your Magento solution? We can now integrate Pimcore with Magento to harness the full capabilities of both Pimcore and Magento.

Both systems can complement each other with a plug on. If you have an existing Magento CMS, you can use Pimcore as an integration bridge between the CMS and ERP. Pimcore brings a new layer of depth and data to Magento, allowing you to enrich and synchronising the existing product information to your ecommerce platform.

It brings about greater functionality than Magento because it gives you the ability to manage not only your product lines, but all of the associated information.

Product Promotions Portal Solution

Working in wholesale, franchise or buying group industries where your category mangers dealing with thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers can be an arduous and complex tasks with continuous multiple changes and corrections occurring.

Manage your products in our Product Promotions Portal Solution. Designed to streamline work for your Category Managers. The Promotions Portal generates a single source of information (the Calendar) for deals and promotions that are being negotiated, have been confirmed or are underway.

Our team can help you to solve complex tasks with:
  • Product promotions submission management 
  • Promotional planning
  • Submit new products from suppliers
  • Submit changes of existing product prices 
  • Submit changes of existing product details

The new Pimcore portal will help you to streamline and automate your tasks. The product data and content are collected, collated and managed from various sources and combined into one consolidated platform to be output for all of your digital and print media requirements. 

Stimulus can help you manage the data and marketing components of your business, by breaking down information silos, simplifying workflows and helping you build your brand.
Our team will help you to eliminate problems that are associated with having complex data, files and documents across many systems. 

We can help you to:
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Get rid of your complex file structures
  • Expedite product updates and changes, reducing time to market
  • Be able to store data and records in a secure and compliant way
Other benefits include:
  • Streamlined marketing creative assets creation process
  • Simplified input of promotional activity; make it automated and easy to manage - collect the promotional data from suppliers
  • Consistency of format
  • Streamlined process of submission & approval
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Speeding up the process to build the catalogues
  • Reporting or monitoring the progress of the promotions being planned and scheduled
  • Free up administrative and management time to focus on other productive tasks immediately
  • More beneficial and profitable for your company as the above points will help improve the bottom line further by taking care of your digital files, making it simple to locate, update and publish content 

Check our case studies for BP-FixConvenience or The-Distributors solutions or contact us for more information!


What do our clients say about us?

Nothing like dealing with digital marketing professionals. Great advice, excellent and reliable work over many years.

Andrew Joyce

Ship & Shore - Marine Loading Australia Pty Ltd

Our company has been working with Stimulus for well over 10 years and during this time Stimulus have always surpassed my expectations. The entire team at Stimulus always go out of their way to accommodate our requests and the results are always flawless. This is thanks to the knowledge and attention to detail that Stimulus incorporates into each aspect of their work, not to mention that they use the latest website technology to develop responsive websites that really drive user engagement and allow us to give our customers the same positive experience online that they are physically used to.

Whenever we have worked with Josef and the team, I have found them to be very approachable, helpful and patient when it comes to talking over ideas and/or training us on how to use the “back-end” system. I really like working with Stimulus and would recommend them to anyone looking for experts who can boost your digital marketing efforts!

Joshua James

Liquip - Leading the Way in Fueling Innovation Worldwide

Stimulus is a well-established and innovative web and print media business that always finds a solution, no matter the size of the challenge. Their team are always professional, bringing new ideas to the table at every opportunity and they never lose focus on delivering the project on time. Strongly recommend.

Michael Farmer

SAL - Lighting a smarter future

Stimulus has been helping Waterco implement the PIM and digital strategies of Waterco. Our company has been working with Stimulus since 2015. We are working with them continuously to update our word-wide web presence, B2B ecommerce and other customer service portals. We connected our Pimcore based websites with our ERP called Epicor and are currently working on creating a centralised hub that should provide data and process transactions to other systems such as the company's CRM. Stimulus is always helpful in guiding us through the whole process and pay close attention to details. They are a professional, friendly and knowledgeable team.

Bryan Goh

Waterco - Water, the liquid of life

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