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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pimcore DAM platform that truly transforms

Pimcore DAM is a digital asset management (DAM) platform that enables businesses to manage their digital assets in a centralised location.

Pimcore DAM is a powerful solution that enables businesses to manage their digital assets in a centralised location, streamline their workflows, and improve collaboration and efficiency. Its customisable metadata, workflow management, collaboration tools, integration capabilities, and advanced analytics make it a compelling platform for businesses looking to optimise their digital asset management processes. 

Easy searching, editing and publishing any type of digital asset with help from DAM – Digital Asset Management

Use Digital Asset Management software to have these opportunities:

  • One central platform for managing all your assets
  • Save every photo, video, brochure in one place and find it with a few clicks
  • Follow your brand management easily with digital asset management software
  • Granular access management ensures only specified channels or people can have access to resources necessary for their functions or jobs
  • Tag management allows creating different dimensions to see all your assets, products the way you need for easy access.

Asset management DAM software puts your customers at the heart of your business and with high quality and asset transformation, it can deliver a stable experience across all touch-points.

To work on your brand consistency, Pimcore DAM centralises all your media assets – from images, documents, logos, audio files or any other media content you need.

Features of Pimcore DAM

File Management

Organize and store your files in a structured way with a robust central repository for your digital assets and metadata.

Metadata Management

Enrich and categorize your files with metadata, taxonomies and tags to create a findable and meaningful asset collection.

Image & Video Conversion

Automatic conversion and transcoding enable you to manage and create your files' derivates on-the-fly – in any resolution, size, and file format.

Works With Any File Type

The Pimcore DAM software supports 220+ image, video, and office document file formats for previewing, collaborating, transforming, and publishing.

Workflow Management

Pimcore includes an advanced workflow engine to define business processes and editorial workflows.

Digital Asset Delivery

Publish final versions of files to your CMS, webshop, or PIM and make Pimcore your central enterprise content hub.

Microsoft & Adobe Integration

Access and collaborate on pictures and videos within your Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud technology stack.

Benefits of Pimcore DAM

Escape Data Silos

Pimcore's digital asset management platform provides organizations' their desired control to customize and meet specific DAM requirements. Its 100% API driven interface facilitates a seamless integration of DAM with the existing IT business environment.

Achieve Brand Consistency

Pimcore’s enterprise DAM software streamlines digital media assets to eliminate inaccuracies and inconsistencies to achieve consistent brand experiences.

Seamless Customer Experience

By delivering high quality and consolidated assets to any output channel, Pimcore puts your customers at the center of your digital business and delivers uniform experiences across all touch points.

DAM Platform That Truly Transforms

Pimcore DAM software is far more than just an outstanding and flexible digital asset management application; It is a true digital transformation enabler. Its consolidated digital media repository provides a solid structure for reusing digital assets, optimising data dissemination and content search processes, while offering high performance and scalability. Equip your organization with operational efficiency, where workflows can be automated from production to distribution, boosting your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Pimcore DAM stands out from its competitors for several reasons:


Pimcore DAM is an open-source solution, which means that businesses can access the source code and customize the platform to meet their specific needs. This provides businesses with greater flexibility and control over their digital asset management processes.

Multichannel publishing

Pimcore DAM includes multichannel publishing capabilities, which enable businesses to distribute their digital assets across multiple channels, such as social media, websites, and mobile apps. This makes it easy to maintain consistency in branding and messaging across different channels.

Integration capabilities

Pimcore DAM can integrate with a wide range of third-party systems, including CMS, e-commerce platforms, and marketing automation tools. This enables businesses to streamline their workflows and ensure that their digital assets are being used effectively across different channels.

Customizable metadata

Pimcore DAM allows businesses to define custom metadata fields for their digital assets. This makes it easy to categorize and organize assets based on their attributes, which improves search and retrieval and makes it easier to find the right assets when they are needed.

Maximise Pimcore's Potential with Stimulus Development & Consulting

Discover the power of Pimcore with Stimulus. Our team of experienced Pimcore developers and consultants offer award-winning, open-source solutions for managing digital experiences. With our Pimcore development and consulting services, we help businesses harness the full potential of Pimcore's data management (PIM, MDM), content management (DXP, CMS), asset management (DAM), and e-commerce capabilities to deliver engaging digital experiences across multiple channels.

Products of the Pimcore Platform™

Pimcore products are individually outstanding, in combination just awesome. The choice is yours.

Pimcore applications (PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, Ecommerce

Pimcore Platform™ Overview

Pimcore is an Open Source digital platform that aggregates, enriches, and manages enterprise data and provides up-to-date, consistent, and personalised experiences to customers. It provides a centralised solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce.
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Product Information Management (PIM)

Tell a consistent product story across all channels. Manage, aggregate and distribute product data. Consolidate all product information to one source of truth.

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Master Data Management (MDM)

Drive 360° engagement by providing the right data on the right channel. Aggregate and maintain single, harmonised, up-to-date versions of any corporate master data.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Empower brand and marketing content, product images, videos and documents. Manage, consolidate, share and transform digital media assets. Build product image library.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

CDP is a packaged software that collects and cleans customer data from various sources and combines to create a single customer profile. This is a powerful tool that helps to present the structured data for marketing, administration and management.

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DXP / CMS / Template Engine

Template Engine plugin for Pimcore Content Management System (CMS) is a tool which allows your marketing department rapidly create new pages or customise existing pages content and layout without specific knowledge of HTML or CSS.

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Digital Commerce / Ecommerce

Website Shop is an e-commerce plugin for Pimcore. Pimcore digital commerce platform solves the challenges of complex digital transformation by creating a highly personalised customer experience with exceptional scalability.

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