Stimulus Australasia


Visitors Guide

The Brief:

Like all country towns around Australia, tourism plays an important part to the local economy. Cootamundra is no different. The local council approached us with a brief to continuously promote and to attract short term stay visitors with the Visitors Guide. In addition, the VG had to target young families and retirees looking for a sea change. Highlighting the advantages of moving to Cootamundra permanently instead of just as a short term holiday destination. It is not as simple as it seems to just target the potential markets. We have to give them a good reason/s for moving to Cootamundra. Many country towns are also doing the same to attract population. It can then become competitive. 

The Design Process:

Our creative team approached the project by first adding imagery to the `Come To Coota' Theme. The image of a tree, together with a bench in black adds more meaning to the theme by adding a rustic, wide spaces, nature and relaxed feel into it.  And the approached to this was achieved by using handwritten fonts, textures, natural shapes, colours and photos of real people. Speech bubbles across the visitor guide make guide very personable. We had to project the attractions and what goes on in Cootamundra both relaxation and economical wise. Hence we came up with lower living cost , better housing affordability, friendly environment, relaxing lifestyle and business opportunities. Apart from the lifestyle, there is also a future for the families growing up in Cootamundra with facilities like education, health care, location of Coota and industry for job opportunities! Lower costs in running your own business as the economic climate is conducive for it. All ideas are welcome and to be made used of.

Graphically, there is a blend of young and old faces in contemporary outlook. Happy, vibrant, smiling and focusing on things to do in Cootamundra. 


The visitor guide has been divided into history, current events and advertisements. It is an easy to guide document that helps visitors get a snapshot of Coota to make it easier for them to dcide what to do next.


The visitor guide was distributed via information centres across NSW region and has significantly increased the popularity of local businesses which advertised there as well as Cootamundra itself.