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Multi-website System Development

Gerard Lighting Group Profile

Gerard Lighting is the company behind Australia’s most innovative and well known lighting brands, including Pierlite, Sylvania, Diginet, Crompton… targeted to different market segments of mining, stadiums and roadway. With decades of experience and a team of 600 employees with 2 manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Adelaide, Gerard Lighting delivers world-class lighting design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution to bring Australia’s most comprehensive group of sustainable lighting solutions to market.

Project Summary

Multiple websites are managed on a single Pimcore platform. Each website presents the company’s products and services to specific segment of customers. All company products data and assets are synchronised with Microsoft Dynamics CRM which provide a single source of product information. Website leads are then passed back to CRM for further processing. The new system utilises Web2Print technology to dynamically generate product datasheets with accurate and up to date information. 


Different websites managed by multiple proprietary CMS with inconsistent product data. Websites were difficult to update with current data which confused customers and required unnecessary involvement of company support team to clarify the provided information. Digital marketing was very complex and required extensive training for each proprietary management system.

Negative Consequences (of the current situation)

  • Multiple websites with separate CMS and admin
  • Silos and scattered product information
  • No CRM
  • No PIM
  • Proprietary CMS with limited options to meet current digital marketing requirements

After (unmet needs are addressed)

New digital presence of Gerard Lighting uses only one Pimcore instance to manage all websites. Product data is synchronised from MS Dynamics. CRM thus centralising all information about products. Stimulus owned Template Engine technology provides the digital marketing team with a powerful way to customise website layouts and create customised content for each website without too much development from the client and the developers. Role based administration allows delegating some of the content and websites management.

Positive Business Outcomes

  • Improving customer satisfaction (targeting right industry segment - architects, project managers, trade, B2C, interior designers
  • Cost effective and fast digital content marketing publishing - with a new solution allowing Gerard Lighting to increase control over the content, speed up and streamlines the process of product data and other content creation. With W2P saving in manual datasheet creation 
  • Up to date product data across multiple websites
  • Improved brand awareness
  • The new solution support GL business objectives to expand their national and global presence and services


How We Do It (specific to this use case)

Websites use Foundation framework which is managed by our Template Engine technology. Template Engine is Pimcore plugin which extensively uses Areablocks Technology provided by Pimcore. Thanks to the Template Engine, the editor can customise content and layout of each page without developer involvement. Product data are indexed with Solr which provides search and narrowing functionality.


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