Stimulus Australasia



The Brief:

QCC Hospitality came to Stimulus Australasia to design a catalogue to house almost 7,000 items. With a new rebranding of QCC Hospitality, coupled with a new direction, a new comprehensive catalogue had to be designed and built from ground up.  And to ensure that the range of products can be displayed in their finest angles and moments. The target audience of the catalogue were hotels, restaurants, fast food chains and other commercial kitchens. The chefs or the personnel that orders the items do not have time to spend browsing and looking around. They will have to make quick decisions on the hop! So the target audience was a wide segment of the markets. The catalogue had to appeal to this wide spectrum. But it also had to be educational to the users and to the purchasers.

The Design Process:

Our mission was to come up with a sleek and modern design reflecting the new branding of QCC Hospitality. And to ensure that the catalogue stands out from competitors to go with QCC’s new logo and icons. Sections are colour coded with a side banner for an easy navigation. All the lifestyle images help clients to imagine good looks of products and their uses.


The construction of the catalogue is to focus on generating new customers as well as presenting the large product range in a most interesting and exciting manner for QCC. The catalogue is designed to position the company as the market leader and establishing trust in QCC.  

By displaying the wide range of products available to her clients as well as creating the mood ideal in the hospitality industry, with easy navigation, product information and mood photography! This had lead to the buyers responding well to the QCC brand and enhancing their buyer instincts in a positive manner!


The QCC catalogue is designed as a reference guide for an industry. It had achieved the target of increasing sales for the client and strengthen their position in the market. Following their new branding image, the launch of the catalogue had been deemed successful as it had fulfilled the marketing objectives of QCC Hospitality!


The Australasian Catalogue Awards is held annually and the competition focuses on printed catalogues with awards going to 24 different categories. Into its 25th year, the competition is getting bigger and bigger by the year. With submissions from all design agencies (both international and local), plus inhouse design studios.  Stimulus was slotted into the Megalogues Section – Industry Buying Guide and was pitted against Myer Season Of No Regrets 2016 Catalogue by Clemenger BBDO and Myer Emporium Catalogue by The Bauer Group and the Seton Australia Catalogues.

Winners Are Grinners!