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Multi-website System with PIM/MDM, DAM & CMS

The project

One case study of a website that uses Pimcore PIM/MDM, DAM, and CMS is the creative LED market leader SAL National. SAL (or commonly known as “Sunny Lighting”) product range is a suite of innovative LED lighting products, ranging from LED Lamps, Downlights, Oysters, Panels, Decorative Interior, Strip lights, Exterior Floodlights, Architectural exterior, Streetlights, Highbays, Track Lights and Smart Lighting controls.

Pimcore's PIM/MDM, DAM, and CMS Solution helps SAL National tackle inefficiencies across multiple channels

SAL National had been using several different systems to manage its product information, digital assets, and website content. This led to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies across different channels. To address this challenge, SAL National implemented Pimcore PIM/MDM, DAM, and CMS for their multi-website solution.


“Stimulus is a well-established and innovative web and print media business that always finds a solution, no matter the size of the challenge. Their team are always professional, bringing new ideas to the table at every opportunity and they never lose focus on delivering the project on time. Strongly recommend.”

Michael Farmer - SAL General Manager Marketing

Here are some of the benefits they experienced:

1. Increased Search Rankings:

Search engines prioritise high-quality content, and PIM and MDM solutions helped to ensure that the product information on your website is of the highest quality. This improved SAL's search rankings and made it more likely for customers to find their products.

2. Better User Experience:

PIM and MDM solutions helped to ensure that the product information on SAL's websites is consistent across all channels including social media and newsletter. This improved the user experience and increased the likelihood of customers purchasing their products.

3. Streamlined product information management:

By using Pimcore PIM/MDM, SAL National was able to centralise its product information management and ensure data accuracy and consistency across all sales channels. This helped to improve customer trust and increase conversions.

4. Improve product discovery: can use the PIM system to organise its products into categories and subcategories to improve product discovery and help customers find what they are looking for more easily.

5. Manage product attributes: can use the PIM system to manage product attributes such as size, colour, and material, which can help customers make informed purchase decisions.

6. Enhanced website content management:

With Pimcore CMS, SAL National was able to manage its website content more efficiently, including product information, digital assets, and marketing materials. This helped to reduce the time and effort required to update the website and ensure a consistent user experience across different devices. Multiple websites are managed on a single Pimcore platform.

7. Manage product information: can use its PIM system to manage product information such as product titles, descriptions, pricing, and images. By keeping all product information in one place, can ensure data accuracy and consistency across all sales channels.

8. Reduced Errors and Returns:

PIM and MDM solutions helped reduce errors and inaccuracies in product information, which lead to fewer returns and improve customer satisfaction.

9. Product data-sheet generator:

Pimcore provides a powerful and flexible platform for creating product data-sheet generators, which help streamline SAL’s product information management and improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

10. Improved digital asset management:

With Pimcore DAM, SAL National was able to store, manage, and share digital assets like images, videos, and marketing materials in one centralised location. This helped to reduce duplication and ensure that the correct assets were used across different channels.

11. Increased agility and flexibility:

By using Pimcore's integrated platform, SAL National was able to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. This helped the company stay competitive in a fast-moving industry.



Overall, Pimcore's integrated platform helped SAL National to streamline its product information, digital asset, and website content management, improve data accuracy and consistency, and increase agility and flexibility.

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