Stimulus Australasia

The Distributors

Price Busters - W2P Solution

The Project

Buying group, The Distributors, have 40 members and 15,000 customers they need to distribute promotional brochures and emails to on a monthly basis. The process must be simple, cost-effective and efficient as they are a small team.

Custom-build PIM i-Collect module provides:
  • Flexible widgets to adjust price and products
  • Personalisation to their business needs
  • Personalisation for each member company with different products, price and promotions
  • Management of supplier prices and discount structures
  • Management of data including email and postal distribution lists

The Brief

The Distributors contacted Stimulus to produce promotional brochures and emails to be distributed to their members nationwide, including corner stores and petroleum companies. With their specialty being confectionary and grocery products, the client wanted a simple, timely and cost-effective solution to provide customised print and email solutions to their 15,000 customers on a monthly basis.

The outcome

Stimulus worked with The Distributors to design a system from scratch with a custom-built PIM i-Collect module that would allow the client to not only collect data and information on offers, but also use flexible widgets to change products and prices. The coordinator must negotiate pricing and discount structures with many suppliers and the Pimcore i-Collect module these negotiations and discounts across suppliers and provided the small team with more time to focus on design and distribution. The flexible widgets gave the lone designer more time to design and ensure accuracy and stakeholder management with the coordinator across the 40 members.

This monthly publication is now more streamlined and cost-effective, running for six years in an efficient manner. Their brochures have since increased to double the original size (8pp instead of 4pp).

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