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Price Busters - W2P Solution

The Distributors Profile

The client The Distributors which is a buying group with around 40 members nationwide and supplying to the corner stores and petroleum companies wanted to produce a 4pp plus promotional brochures with their special product – confectionery and grocery products to all the ‘mum and pop shops’ Australia wide. Which allows them to combine customised print and email promotions of the literature produced every month to be sent their customers through Australia Post and emails monthly.

Project Summary

The company approached us to provide them with a solution on how to simplify and make it easier for them to save time and costs in producing the media with the quick  turn-around time to collate, organise, plan and execute the data and information to the design and printed stage.
Stimulus designed a system from a blank canvas and then built the PIM i-collect module for the client to collect data and information on offers and making use of flexible widgets where the client can change products and prices to make offers to their 15,000 plus customers who are managed through their 40 members.
As a result they have a system that is technically managed and operated by a marketing coordinator in Sydney and a designer in the Gold Coast, thus reducing their costs and making it easier for them to manage the monthly publications. Each brochure is personalised with member specific choice of different  products, prices and promotional combinations.
The organiser and coordinator at The Distributors negotiated prices and discount structures with many suppliers for the monthly publication. Our Pimcore i-Collect system helped him ease his tasks and allow him more time to focus on other responsibilities.
The lone designer can then design the different widgets with different prices and product offerings and gives her more time to design and check with the coordinator to ensure all the details are correct especially they both have to deal with many stakeholders from the different 40 members before the monthly publication.
Stimulus in partnership with the client came up with the PIM i-Collect system that helped The Distributors streamline and make it easier for them to produce the publications every month in a cost effective manner in terms of time and human resource savings.
It has been 6 years into using the system and the publication have now been increased to 8pp of more every month of the customised printed brochures to be mailed out by post and emails. 

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