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Custom built online tenant matching portal

The project

WelcomeMat is the first dedicated online tenant-matching portal for landlords and renters to access listings for affordable housing, match with landlords and apply quickly with an automatic assessment process. Those with low-to-moderate incomes often struggle to find an appropriate rental easily and in one place, often falling prey to slow turnaround application times.
Data Management System
WelcomeMat is a custom-built, web-based system that can collect and collate the data required to help prequalify applicants who are putting in rental applications on the WelcomeMat website in a quick and efficient way.
It also reduces:
  • Long turnaround times for applications
  • Room for human error
  • Paperwork
  • Uncertainty on outcome for renters
The system enables:
  • Quick assessment for potential renters
  • Efficient application process for renters
  • Simplified assessment process for landlords
  • Matches landlords and renters
  • Combines the information in one, secure platform.

The brief

WelcomeMat approached Stimulus to design and build a web-based platform which could efficiently collect and collate the information required to help prequalify applicants who visited the website. The client requested a system that would speed up turnaround, be completely automated and online without the need for paperwork or manual assessments.

The outcome

Stimulus built a custom platform for WelcomeMat, with designers and developers using Pimcore to carry out the simple tasks of gathering information from applicants, synchronising the data and selecting applicants that meet predefined criteria.

The WelcomeMat Assessment Platform handles and integrates all the information from Affordable Housing Providers and applicants to match them together automatically. This means that all information are matched using an intelligent system without manual handling, saving time and reducing human errors.  

This system removed the need for long turnaround times, manual processing and paperwork and efficiently matched the right renters with the right landlords.

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