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Websites in Australia using Pimcore

There are many sites using Pimcore in Australia. Here are a few examples below:

These are just three examples of websites in Australia that are built with Pimcore. Pimcore is an advanced data, product and customer information management software tool that is helping Australian businesses to create coordinated, engaging and accurate websites and ecommerce stores.

Pimcore Partnership model

Pimcore partners are based around the world - a global network of Pimcore developers, users and consultants who use Pimcore to deliver outstanding solutions to Pimcore customers. Pimcore partners receive support and training from Pimcore, along with the facilitation of strategic business partnerships. Partners can be based at three levels:

  • Strategic partners - large consulting firms that offer strategy, design, development, implementation and management, and with ten or more completed Pimcore projects and ten or more certified Pimcore developers
  • Gold partners - with a proven track record of delivering Pimcore solutions, having ten or more completed Pimcore projects and five or more certified Pimcore developers
  • Silver partners - focused on Pimcore CMS and just beginning their relationship with Pimcore, and with five or more completed Pimcore projects and two or more certified Pimcore developers

In Australia, there are two Silver Pimcore partners:

Stimulus Australasia is a design agency located in Sydney. This intrepid and innovative organisation specialises in web and catalogue development, to support customers in both B2B and B2C environments. Pimcore has given Stimulus a unique advantage in creating product catalogues with the web to print feature.

Pimcore lights the way for Gerard Lighting

Gerard Lighting is an iconic Australian business that has been around for more than 130 years. Gerard Lighting owns four lighting brands that operate nationally and across the globe and offers unique and innovative lighting solutions to both commercial and consumer markets. Gerard Lighting employs more than 700 employees are always developing new products and options for products in their extensive product catalogue. Visitors to their attractive online store can browse product collections, using image viewers to get a closer look at lighting features and components. Technical specifications for each product can be easily downloaded. Pimcore has helped Gerard industries to provide a consistent and reliable experience across its four lighting brands.

Pimcore provides content control for Gerard Lighting

Gerard Lighting use Pimcore to manage their multi-brand websites. The combined data and assets from across these sites have been synchronised and coordinate with the MS Dynamics CRM that collates and centralises product data. A Pimcore plugin has provided Gerard Lighting the ability to tailor and customise their website content, improving search functionality. Clearly defined user roles and improved workflows make publishing content across all changes much easier and faster. As a result, the Gerard Lighting brand has been strengthened and the company has seen improved customer satisfaction rates amongst their entire industry segments- architects, designers, project managers and trade.

Pimcore makes data crystal clear for Waterco

Waterco is an Australian company that was established in 1981 and is now one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of swimming pools, spas and other water usage equipment. Listed on the ASX in 1989, Waterco make products that made energy usage more efficient ant water systems cleaners and easier to maintain. Waterco is also a franchiser of Swimart, a large supplier of pool and spa retail services with almost 70 franchise outlets and more than 250 mobile vans. Pimcore proved to be an excellent system through which Waterco and Swimart could consolidate their brand and product range.

Pimcore is pure and simple for Waterco

Waterco was struggling to manage multiple sites and data sources before it chose Pimcore as its data solution. Customer files and marketing information were scattered in several separate data systems. This meant that customers were often interacting with out-of-date data. A long delay getting new products to market made campaigns inefficient and weakened the efforts of the marketing team. Pimcore has helped Waterco keep their catalogues up to date, allowing the marketing team to focus on marketing activities, rather than trying to coordinate complex websites. Pimcore has assisted Waterco to create a B2B portal to meet the needs of business customers.

Pimcore is ahead of the Pack for Space Racers

In the United States, Pimcore Gold Partner Lightning Jar used Pimcore to create an exceptional CMS system for an interactive gaming and television website for children, called Space Racers, The team needed a fully responsive and engaging website for preschool children. The design was based on research conducted in 17 countries, to ensure a product that was suitable for the target audiences. The resulting website was the first fully responsive preschooler’s educational site that performs well across any device. The Pimcore touch to the website saw an increase in users and improved brand awareness. The site continues to be popular for little ones around the world.

Pimcore is King in Europe

You know the name- Burger King. This global chain operates more than 17,000 restaurants around the world. In Europe, Pimcore is used to provide a cutting edge multi-lingual headless CMS across multiple regions. The Pimcore-built Burger King website operates in four European countries and the app services ten countries; each with different languages and pricing requirements. With the Pimcore solution, Burger Kind is able to manage their European sites without support from external sources. Users receive push notifications on iOs and Android, to hear about the latest offerings and specials.

Pimcore brings WiFI to Ikea

Ikea wanted to improve connectivity and engagement for customers who were visiting physical stores. But this task was not as easy as it sounds. WiFi single was weak in some parts of the Ikea’s large, multi-story shops. Plus, Ikea wanted to offer product information and offers who were using their mobiles in store, instead of relying on printed fliers and pamphlets. Pimcore helped Ikea direct customers to an in-store landing page, which could be edited and adapted to individual store requirements. This also created the opportunity for stores to gather data about users, improving opportunities to deliver back specific content and messaging that might be of interest to customers based on their behaviour and purchases.

Pimcore produces results

So many familiar big name companies and enterprise businesses use Pimcore to help them achieve their data goals and build their brand. Pimcore helps their customers centralised data systems, automate processes and improve user experience. Other big name Pimcore users include:

  • Audi
  • Carrefour
  • Ferrero
  • Gabor
  • Lavazza
  • Lego
  • Liebherr
  • Rhenus
  • T Mobile

Complexity is not an issue for Pimcore

These businesses all came to Pimcore with data management problems and issues associated with their multi-brand and complex organisational structure. Regardless of your brand hierarchy, Pimcore offers a single business management solution. With Pimcore, you can establish various data sets to suit layered organisational systems. Data integration will bring incredible strategic significance to your organisation. Data integration brings better customer experience, reduces complexity and helps you more quickly achieve your vision and goals.

How you can choose any design with Pimcore

One of the inherent benefits of Pimcore is its flexibility. The source code of Pimcore is fully available, meaning users can customise or build sites, tools, apps, processes and workflows to suit their needs. There is no need to rely on commercial partnerships or proprietary software support to create customisations. This flexibility opens the door for innovation and product process, display and marketing which can truly be your own.

Data handling in Pimcore

Pimcore can handle all types of files that are required from ecommerce stores. Pimcore can easily manage millions of products with thousands of attributes. It also offers product classifications, object relations, data inheritance and multilingual data management. Pimcore can assess how some data is related to other data with intuitive data-modeling tools that let you configure data models without the need for coding. More than 2,000 built-in connectors allow you to publish and deliver product information to channels categorised as

  • Marketing
  • Social
  • Shopping
  • Retail
  • Business

Some of these key channels are

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Istagram
  • Ebay
  • Walmart

Improve your business capabilities with Pimcore

If you read these case studies and realise your business could be doing data better, it’s time to consider if you have outgrown your existing ecommerce system. Signs you are ready to take your online activity to the next level include:

  • You are ready to reach out to new markets
  • You want a higher degree of customers engagement and better customer loyalty
  • Customising, scaling and integrating your existing systems would be too time consuming or expensive to manage
  • You cannot imagine your current systems expanding or growing to accommodate more complex product information
  • You know there are inefficiencies in the way you handle transactions
  • Your automation activity could be improved

Pimcore can help you get ready for the marketplace of the future, where you communicate with customers in ways which are conversations, unified and immersive.

Choose Pimcore

Pimcore is an ideal solution for modern enterprise businesses. It will bring you flexibility; improved workflows and reduces time to market. With Pimcore, it is easy to see how much faster and more agile your business can become. You will have access to accurate, up to date records at all times. You only need to review the case studies on the Pimcore site to see how much benefit the product has bought to its users across the globe.